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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 4, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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fresh today on "right this minute" -- a guy hears noises coming from a deep hole. >> does not know what's in there but reaches an arm in. >> see the mother earth giving birth. a mom calmly gets out of her careen though -- >> this is a hijacking. >> see how she keeps it together to keep her kids safe. a guy wakes up to find a visitor who -- >> decided to take a nap on his porch. >> how the scene turned into a perfect story on snapchat. and a proposal hidden in a
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our first kiss, keep on going i promise you this ? ? >> at one point in the song did he realize this is actually real? >> "marry me" was a good indication. imagine you're in spain and you're walking in field with your buddies and you hear a sound. they keep hearing a noise. and it sounds like something is in distress. in this jookin video, he reaches his hand in and pulls something out.
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? >> that's a leg. but what does it belong to? >> mother earth giving birth. >> pretty much. mother earth just had a full-grown -- >> sheep. >> it's a girl! >> i hope they take the extra step and either put a mark, a signpost, a cone. >> either patch that up. >> baahhh! just trying to go about your day. your kids are in the back of the car. and suddenly armed men open your
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of the car. this is a hijacking in the middle of the day on the streets of mexico. the woman reaches for her kids and grabs both of them as another man comes over to help her carry the kids away. the man who came over to help was asked to close the backdoor to which he complied and they ended up driving away. >> those guys were so cold, another day of work for these guys. >> mom was so composed, she looked like she has one thing on her mind, getting her kids out of there, take the car, whatever is in it. >> you can buy another car. they're you're children, the protection instinct is always going to take over. >> fortunately it doesn't appear anybody was injured. police are still looking into the incident. this next video also from the streets of mexico. police responded to a call where
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robbed high tech equipment. they responded quickly. that's where we pick up with this video. in this very busy boulevard, you see a motorcycle riding through traffic as a police truck is chasing after them. fortunately you see that they are able to catch up to those guys. the police officers get out of their vehicles. the bike is tipped over and one of the suspects tries to get away. at this point they've already apprehended another one that was trying to get away on foot. the street they are able to apprehend both of these men. they take the men and they will not be facing charges. >> action movie stuff right there. >> mm-hmm. let's go for a very nice relaxing ride through the trees of british columbia. >> i don't believe you even slightly, calderone. >> we have our rider here, gaining some speed.
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it seems the trail comes to an end. he lines up and goes for it again. the second time he grabs the brakes. >> you have to put yourself in the right place, yes, i can do it, and just go. >> i'm going to go for it. >> i would suggest maybe a little lift. >> he's going to have that lift right at the end of this ramp, on his third attempt. >> woo! >> like he goes launching over that train bed, and lands on the other side. of course that's a celebration, elation. >> yeah, you didn't die. >> now, the interesting thing is about this is, this particular
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pemberton. >> yeah! yeah! . oh, snapchat. it's such a fun way to document things that happen in our everyday lives. >> yeah. >> i went outside. i went inside. i'm still inside. >> you're following the wrong people. >> i followed you. >> but if you did follow thomas, you would see something more than that. if we look at his snapchat story, we see he has some company. >> looks like this guy here decided to take a nap on his porch. >> i would feel lucky if this happened to me. if i woke up and somebody was
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>> i would make him breakfast. >> he certainly tried to wake him up a few times. that didn't work. >> why not take a selfie? >> oh, come on. this is perfect snapchat material. >> i would actually agree. >> i don't know what to do. do i pour water on his head or poke him with a stick or call the for the guy? he might need help. >> he might need an aspirin. >> i want these guys to become best friends now. this guy is taking care of him even though he's having fun on snapchat at his expense, he's still watching out for him. >> how does this end? give me some resolution here. >> at the end of the day video you see the two of them in the
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the dude is like, uh, where am i? that's something buried in her bellybutton. >> these are not exactly common. >> going in will have you saying -- >> what is that! plus elijah is trying to make a video but everyone's interrupting. >> first i'm going to show you an airplane. >> this poor kid needs a vacation. >> see how he handles filming unde >> aaah! every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe. and the power to automatically find your car... i see you car! and i got the power to know who's coming and when if i break down. must be gerry. hey... in means getting more from your car insurance with the all-powerful drivewise app. it's good to be in, good hands.
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how fast are allegra? gelcaps? we're going out in an hour... fast. for allergy symptoms, allegra? is the fastest non-drowsy relief you can buy. allegra? gelcaps... not just fast. allegra? fast. nine months ago a little spot was noticed in somebody's belly. let's fast forward nine months
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this woman had that in her tummy. nine months ago she noticed there's a hair or something in there, in her bellybutton. her brother said you need to do something about that. fast forward nine months. she got a pair of tweezers to find out what it is. these are not exactly common. >> come on, man. >> nine months you let this go? >> it was smaller nine months ago. but then it grew. >> what is that! in the video. >> it has its own hair. >> to find out what it is, go to our website,, or check it out on our mobile app. >> what is that!
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you some tips. >> lego. it seems to be a point of contention in this household. elijah is about to give us a tutorial. >> it's like an airplane. >> why are you using your own tablet? why are you using my phone? >> mom, i'm making a video right now! >> that's mom catalina. and you haven't seen the last of her. >> first i'm going to show you an airplane. >> mom, it's an indivi video bo. i'm loving it. >> stop! get out! >> five sisters and a mom, and they all like to interrupt him. >> this poor kid needs a vacation.
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i'm going to give building tips on lego. [ screaming ] >> he just can't get it done. >> i'll be making a lot of lego videos. >> this is impossible! >> even though this first video might seem like a fail to you, i will still think it's a win. >> wow! >> that's a win to me. he's handling that thing like he's a pro. he didn't quite make the landing there. >> that's why this video is amusing and getting some attention, because this guy is very good. his name is alex. this is one of those attempts that didn't quite go as planned. still, the guy is amazing. >> it's not a fail. it's just called practice. this is someone we've had on
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he just posted this video on his instagram. >> wow. if he had wheels, he would have been able to ride it out. >> these people are incredible, doing extreme things like it's nothing. the dad olympics diaper change race. see how the men of rtm do when we're handed the challenge. >> ready, set, go. >> i have no idea what i'm doing, not even a clue. here we go. and a camera captures that, the line between control and crash. the moment a rider picks a side. oh! man, my feet are killin' me. same time tomorrow, fellas!?
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cortizone-10 eczema relief. feel the heal. the olympics are over about these dads are still competing for dad of the year. >> it's the dad-olympics. >> am i the winner? >> you're the only dad. three, two, one, go. and done. 11 seconds, 58 other little seconds. >> nice. >> like a formula one pit stop there, well done. >> the challenge is to see how the dad takes part. >> if you're wondering why we're standing up, it's because dad a and dude b are about to take the challenge. bring on the diapers, ladies.
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>> it's been like seven careers. >> their toddlers. >> in case you're wondering what our babies would look like. >> we have our timers. you guys have teddy bears and diapers. >> i want to run this so bad, i don't know why. >> ready, set, go. >> i have no idea what i'm doing. not even a clue. here we go. this is a big baby. >> come on, baby. >> >> the baby -- >> what! >> oh! >> just under 22 seconds. >> who's your daddy? who's your daddy? >> he did it in like 11 seconds. he's well-practiced. >> i could take ten seconds off my time on the next one.
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you're able to appreciate in this video, because the camera is pointing back at our required. you can see this guy rides a yamaha r-1 in spain. he's on a track. you notice him grabbing the gears, shifting with the clutch. he's got that razor-thin line between control and crash. >> woo-hoo! >> the requireider is no longer. >> as it spins around, you see it losing fuel, the sparks scraping on the road, igniting the saudi arvapors, and you get distinct fire balls. what happened to our guy?
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walk right up. >> bingo. you see him run up and turn the key off. the bike seemed to not burn more than that. that's what happens when you go out and take it to the track. that's what this guy should have done, take it to the track. his buddy takes a bit of a risk and passes on the left right there as they go into this hard right-hander. maybe that will distract our rider a little bit. >> oh, no! >> right into the pillar. >> the bike gets upright and drifts into all that shoulder junk and stuff, knocks him off the bike. he pops right back up. the guy says he was just fine. he says the bike was fine. but yes, that definitely left a mark. he's written a special tune
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? and mary me ? >> right there it's pretty clear what the song is about. >> the story behind the romantic proposal that was music to her ears. >> i can't stand it, i feel like
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to do this, you just need to commit the time, plan it, and go for it. this is the part of the show where i ask all of you if you're in the mood for love but generally with a little more -- but i don't want to embarrass myself too much. the camera is pointed at madison johnson, the lovely lady there. they're about wito record a son. videos need pretty girls. >> i'll sing one i wrote for you. ? love like clockwork, it just keeps on going ? >> that's why he didn't sing.
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life ? ? and marry me ? >> i want to see her face now. >> it's pretty clear what this song is about. he says he's actually written songs for her before but never actually finished them. ? you can stop my heart by looking at me ? >> he manages to work a there, you know how your mom says don't give the milk for free if you don't buy the cow or something like that. >> why buy the could you when you can get the milk for free. >> that one. ? you don't have to get the milk for free ? >> put this ring on your finger, that's where we'll start,
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us part. >> for more on this moment, we have both kate and madison on "right this minute," welcome to the show. >> congratulations. >> madison, did you at all see it coming? >> no, i was surprised. >> we told her i was going to a studio to record a song. >> at what point in the song did you realize this was real? >> "marry me" was a good indication. >> so you said yes, then, right? >> yeah, of course. >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> talk to us about what it felt like as you were getting ready to sing the song, how nervous you were. >> i was way nervous. i tried to replay it a million times then i screwed it up, you can see in the song when i started laughing during the first chorus. ? before i ask you, let me -- ? >> the song is so emotional, it's gotten such great response
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people out there. how does it feel? >> it feels good. every time i listen to it, i can't stand it, it sounds so nervous. >> i love it. >> you guys are perfect for each other. >> can we see the ring? >> cool. >> i think you guys should give tv land a big smooch. >> come on! >> yeah! >> woo-hoo! >> congratulations. hope you enjoyed our offering of the day's top viral videos. go to for
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fresh today, "right this minute." ? and here we go, she's here ? >> a mom so excited to see her daughter because -- >> she has never met her until this night. >> the story behind the reunion of a lifetime. it's video proof that -- >> you can catch strange things. >> especially when you see what's going to fly out of that trailer. >> oh! unsuspecting customers in a restaurant. >> engaging in conversation. >> the sneaky reason behind a couple's game of musical chairs. and a gentleman's guide on how to -- >> eat an ice cream cone. >> once you do one lick, you're


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